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I am a student at PIA (Pascasarjana Ilmu Akuntansi) [Postgraduate Accounting Program] at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta. I got a lot of smart friends there. If you are thinking to find a postgraduate school in Jakarta, you should visit my campus at www.piafeui.org.

As a student, I have a bunch of homeworks, papers, and those kind of serious things. Most of those scary jobs need references. To make my classmates easily find these resources, I put it at this blog (they are very often get their papers lost!). Tapi maaf ya, biar nggak mudah diketahui orang asing selaku pemilik hak cipta papernya, maka beberapa pesan kutulis dalam bahasa kita aja. Meskipun banyak yang disediakan gratisan, tetapi ada beberapa yang mesti bayar. Jadi, nglanggar2 dikit lah hak cipta orang sono ya.

2 thoughts on “Hi there

  1. hai,Guys..perkenalkan saya termasuk yang dibicarakan PW sebagai temannya di kampus PIA yang smart student sekaligus yang paling sering kehilangan papernya hihihi..
    So this blog is very helpful to me even when I’m away from home I could easily download from here. Tq PW, ur the best !

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