Here I’d like to share some pictures of mine. If you have some pictures with me, please e-mail it to me so that I can upload it in this page. You can also browse many of my pictures in


Kadang-kadang saya heran, sebenarnya mana yang lebih dulu, buah-buahan ini, atau bagian tubuh manusia, yang ada di dunia ini? Siapa menirukan siapa? Atau, semata-mata ini tipuan kamera dan gambar yang dimanipulasi? Saya tidak tahu persis, tetapi saya hanya ingin Anda untuk ikut tersenyum melihat tampilan buah-buahan berikut ini.

Wortelku lucu Semangka kok bisa kotak ya?

Tomatku yang lucuBuah Coco de Mer

Tomat cowok Jeruk cewek kali ya ini?

Buah 01 Buah 02

Buah 03 Buah 04

Buah 05 Buah 06

Buah 07 Pohon Orang

When I Lived in the U.S.A.

I spent sometimes in the U.S.A, to pursue my Masters’ degree in Accounting and Financial Information Systems. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio in 1992-1994, and during nice weather, I visited some interesting places, including Universal Studio and Kennedy Space Center in Miami, Florida.

Indiana Jones' truck Celebrating Memorial Day in CSU Campus, Ohio Just stop by Music Dept With an astronaut With Pipit, Wendy, Ping Ping, Agung

My Childhood

I have some cute pictures about myself when I was a cute kid. Please browse them all 🙂

When I was almost 7 months year old When I was in the 6th grade I was a boyscottI was a boyscottI was a boyscott
Ketika saya berusia 6 bln; saya dengan teman2 kelas 6 SD; saya Pramuka di SD.

With high-school class mate


I was a boyscout

Well, beside going to formal school, I also learn so many things about life by joining boyscout (Pramuka). I joined Pramuka since I was in elementary school and then continue until I was in university. I even found a nice girlscout who later will be Edo’s mum 🙂

JOTA when I was SMA First activity of UGM Scout With fellow boyscouts from Japan
JOTA when i was SMA, Forming scout at UGM, and with fellow Japanese boyscouts

-) Even in Pramuka we know computers!
With Pipit; even in Pramuka, we learn computer, too.

Philatelic Activities

I am a philatelist since 1975 when I was in SMP Negeri 5, Semarang. I joined Perkumpulan Philatelis Indonesia (PPI) Cabang Semarang. In 1980 I went to Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta and so I joined PPI Cabang Yogyakarta. My collection theme is Military Post (see some of my stuffs in Filateli page). Here are some pictures with fellow philatelists.

Philatelic exhibition in Yogya With KGPH Poeger
In a philatelic expo in Yogya, and with KGPH Poeger.

SAR Activities

Beside participated in Pramuka (boyscout organization), I also joined Search and Rescue activities in Yogya. Once we had to search two teenagers who got lost in Parangtritis beach, and their bodies had never been found. We searched for a whole week 😦 So I remind you guys, do not go swimming in Parangtritis beach, or any other southern beach of Jawa island, as indicated by local SAR team. The currents are very dangerous and are unpredictable. Just take as many picture as you want, but never go swimming, for whatever reason…!

SAR team SAR team

Computer Jobs

Before I graduated from UGM, I already got a job as an instructor for computer training at LPKIA (Lembaga Pendidikan Komputer Indonesia Amerika), Yogyakarta. Some friends in the photo below still make contact with me, but the rest have lost. So guys, please contact me.


With Famous People

Sometimes I meet famous people in several occasions. I’d like to have some conversasions with them, if possible. Here are some pictures of them. On the left: eating meat-ball with His Excellency Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X (The Sultan of Yogyakarta and The Governor of Yogyakarta Province) at my campus STIE YKPN Yogyakarta. On the right: with Dr. Harsono (Pak Ong), a senior faculty from Management Department, Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta.

With HE Sri Sultan HB X With Pak Harsono FE UGM

The Next Generation

Eventhough they’re not complete, since some of them were unable to join on the Lebaran 2007 day.

The next G.


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